New iOS Bundles

Posted 2 weeks ago /  

You can get many of our popular iOS games in bundles now! Grab them all here! Up to 60% off! Role Playing Games Puzzle Games Platformers Action Games Strategy Games


Nakama Free is now ready to download!

Posted 3 weeks ago /  

Grab it here:


Almightree: The Last Dreamer is out tonight on iOS!

Posted 1 month ago /  

Here is the trailer to check out!


Strike Wing is now available on Google Play!

Posted 1 month ago /  

Grab it right here:


Angel in Danger is out on Google Play and Amazon!

Posted 1 month ago /  

Download it here – only 99c on sale for a limited time – just for launch!


Gear Jack Black Hole launches on Google Play!

Posted 1 month ago /  

Grab it right here, for free of course!


Nakama Free version is out on iOS!

Posted 2 months ago /  

Grab it right here!


2-bit Cowboy Free has launched

Posted 2 months ago /  

You can grab it right here for iOS:


The Gear Jack Black Hole update is out!

Posted 2 months ago /  

Now you can grab the massive update for Gear Jack Black Hole – and the Android version is coming very soon!


Preorder the Deer God now with the Humble Widget!

Posted 2 months ago /  

If you had wanted to donate to the The Deer God Kickstarter campaign but don’t have paypal, you can now use the Humble Widget to preorder and support us!