Run Elvin run! There’s no time to waste! The future of Goomswood forest and its inhabitants are in your hands. Elfrod the Goblin has sprung out from the depths of the earth and stolen the Water Sphere that ensured rain while Elvin was napping!
Elvin is a forest elf that must recover the Water Sphere before its power runs out and thus rain never return to Goomswood forest. Elfrod is a mischievous underground goblin, quick and devious with the power to travel through dreams and ready to try and trick Elvin fleeing through strange worlds, barred to forest elves. But that won’t stop Elvin, who’ll follow his footsteps and is even willing to skip his sacred Elven laws in order to recover the droplet trail the sphere leaves in its way… The race has begun and… Wait… Is that Elfrod? Run Elvin, run!

– Retro charm. Easy to play, hard to pass
– 10 Fantastic pixel worlds to explore!
– Awesome load of uncanny both enemies and friends
– ride on a flying cow and cruise the ocean on a penguin’s back!
– Constant action straight from the runner + platform genres with an addictive and simple “here and now” mechanic.
– Play anywhere, anytime.

Don’t forget to share your records and challenge all your friends! Downloading and playing Elvin is completely free. A simple, quick, yet frenetically funny and yet amazingly challenging game combined with classic platforms that ensures hours of frenzy fun for all audiences.
Touch the screen to jump over obstacles and all sorts of enemies while racing through incredible worlds while trying to catch that sneaky Elfrod and recover the Water Sphere. Hone well your jumps and surpass from chickens to crabs and floating jellyfish, only rule in this race is to win!
A runner game with retro-pixel aesthetics from a 90’s console, full of color, jumping, character, addiction and… an unexpected resilience to an easy win!

Will you be able to take on Elvin’s Challenge?