Nakama Free is now ready to download!

Posted 4 months ago /  

Grab it here:


Almightree: The Last Dreamer is out tonight on iOS!

Posted 5 months ago /  

Here is the trailer to check out!


Strike Wing is now available on Google Play!

Posted 5 months ago /  

Grab it right here:


Angel in Danger is out on Google Play and Amazon!

Posted 5 months ago /  

Download it here – only 99c on sale for a limited time – just for launch!


Gear Jack Black Hole launches on Google Play!

Posted 5 months ago /  

Grab it right here, for free of course!


Nakama Free version is out on iOS!

Posted 6 months ago /  

Grab it right here!


2-bit Cowboy Free has launched

Posted 6 months ago /  

You can grab it right here for iOS:


The Gear Jack Black Hole update is out!

Posted 6 months ago /  

Now you can grab the massive update for Gear Jack Black Hole – and the Android version is coming very soon!


Preorder the Deer God now with the Humble Widget!

Posted 6 months ago /  

If you had wanted to donate to the The Deer God Kickstarter campaign but don’t have paypal, you can now use the Humble Widget to preorder and support us!


Mimpi is now FREE!

Posted 7 months ago /  

So grab it right here, on iOS: