Join the Deep Space Operation squadron Delta 01 and complete missions ranging from furious dogfights to capital ship assault and covert operations while flying a large array of fighters and bombers each having their own distinct strengths and weaknesses.

Strike Wing is a combat space simulator for the iOS platform featuring:

a wide array of playable ships, from nimble fighters to heavy bombers
adaptable AI – enemies that react to your actions
self-adjusting missions – missions are specifically designed to adapt to your actions and skill level, providing a good challenge for new and veteran plaers alike
gorgeous graphics – fight in deep space, nebulas, asteroid fields other environments
free expansions – expand your Strike Wing experience with free periodic updates that add more ships, missions and features
What is Strike Wing

A combat space simulator for iOS
A game focused on fast-paced action, fun and precise controls
A game where you chose what to play and how to play it.
An extensible experience with more content coming for free straight to your device.

The game is set for release in October of 2013 and will be compatible with the following devices: iPhone3GS, iPhone4, iPhone4S, iPhone5 and all iPad versions